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How Can a Digital Marketing Consultant Help You?

A digital marketing consultant is an expert to rely on when thinking on better and healthier ways to get more exposure, traffic and conversions on your website, blog or online store.
To do this right, first, we need to assess the current situation of your website from the inside out. This is done with a deep technical analysis of all pages, starting from the ones that you (the client) believe are the most relevant to your business.
Once we have a clear picture of the overall health of the current situation, we can then think of the different channels and strategies we would like to implement to slowly improve the health, performance, exposure and visibility of your website on the internet.

The better optimised your website is, the better exposure you will get which translates to more visits, better brand awareness, and eventually, this means more clients, conversions, sales and better business overall.

Marketing Channels

Main Digital Marketing Channels

Understanding the different channels in online marketing will help you choose the right approach for your business.

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SEO & Content Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the main strategy used to optimise the ranking of your pages in Google.  Organic search has the final best results.

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PPC (Google Ads)

PPC (Pay Per Click) is the main source of income Google has. It’s ideal for getting results fairly quick and a great way to promote brand awareness.


LinkedIn & Social Media Ads

Social Media Marketing is considered to be as important as the other two. It is advisable to run these types of ads in addition to the other and never instead.

Setting up Goals

Setting up Clear Goals

Setting Marketing Goals

Setting your marketing targets and understanding your achievable goals will help you plan and agree on a proper strategy suitable for you.

Marketing Strategy

Choosing a Marketing Strategy

After figuring out our goals, we will decide on the best option for us to bring the best results possible for your business. This could be a combination of all advertising channels or the decision to go with only one at a time, depending on factors such as budget, deadlines, ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), and ROI (Return on investment) estimates, just to name a few.

Marketing Strategy
Marketing Budget

Setting up your Budget

Marketing Budget

Setting up your marketing budget is the final step before starting with our marketing plan. Your budget will be decided during the marketing strategy stage, and finalised here. Now all we have to do is get to it and start working together to accomplish our goals and get good returns for our money.

About me

Marketer-X Consultancy

Online Marketing Services

My name is Diego, and I am a Certified Digital Marketing Consultant. I hold a BA in Marketing Communications from IDC, Herzliya College, and an accredited diploma in SEO and Digital Marketing from John Bryce Technological College. I am also Google certified and constantly studying and keeping up to date with the latest trends. In addition, I have a deep understanding of WordPress websites and I create, maintain, and manage them on a daily basis (however, marketing can be done perfectly well with any website, regardless of how it is built and operated). I can also help you with Wix websites, JavaScript websites or any other type of coded website.
I believe in honesty and transparency; I am not afraid in sharing my knowledge with you, show you and explain in detail the whys and hows of all Marketing steps and options.

Join me and let’s start working together.


Honest Reviews

What do they say about me?

Aliona Savenko - Brand Manager

Aliona Savenko

Brand Manager

Professional and a good person!

I’ve been working with Diego for more than 8 years and can definitely state it’s the most honest professional in the industry. It’s always difficult to find a partner who you can be both achieving professional goals and be a very reliable person. He perfectly knows what he does and always open for discussions and improvements. Thanks for your hard work and hope we can achieve even more success in the future with upcoming projects 🙂

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Web Designer/Builder

100% Recommended!

I highly recommend Diego’s services. We worked together a lot, and Diego always made sure to carry out all our projects with success while helping at the same time. Diego can be trusted for any project while having a complete peace of mind.

Alina Raskind

Alina Raskind

Project Manager

Reliable and hard working

Always best performance!
Diego for me is clearly the best professional that I have came across. Always ready to come up with best ideas and solutions for different projects, very reliable, available for clients, patient and overall hard working.

Liat Epstein

Liat Epstein

Project Manager

Honest, kind hearted & service orientated

For the past two years I have been working with Diego, mainly on SEO, PPC, marketing and sales. In all my two decades of business, I have not met such an honest, kind hearted, service orientated, loyal, and determined colleague and supplier. Diego is professional, client orientated, patient, and has always given me the feeling that he is available 24/7. I really highly recommend Diego and all the services he offers. You will always be in excellent hands with him.

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