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Get a full SEO analysis for your website and improve your rankings and conversion rates.

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SEO Analysis and Check-Up

Get a complete SEO Analysis of your website to improve exposure, ranking and conversions

On-Page SEO

Optimising our website for success

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SEO Analysis & Audit

We begin our SEO check-up with a basic audit, our “top layer” characteristics of a website such as ALT tags on pictures, meta titles, meta descriptions & more.

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Report of our Main Domain

We continue with a full report on our main domain and pages within. Here we check site compliance, Google Search Console analysis and overall health of the website.


Full Report in-depth

Here we intensify our analysis with a full scan of the website. We see if there are any 404 pages, 302 and 301 redirections, loading speed and anything that could impact rankings.

Importance of Optimal SEO Reporting

Why do we need an SEO Analysis and Reporting?

There are thousands of new websites and blogs being created each day, each hour all the time. The internet is filled with content and Google (and other search engines) struggle to understand what content and which website is more relevant to the user. To achieve this selection, Google updates its algorithms constantly and from time to time, issues big updates that are in most cases a meaningful change.

Because of the immense competition for keywords and relevancy, Google considers seriously several factors such as speed of the website, user experience and yes relevancy of content for the user who has questions.

To be on top of our game, we must check and analyse in full our website technical SEO to make sure that there is no misleading information, no technical errors that would upset the user and eventually no illegal or dirty tricks that would upset Google!

If you allow me, I will conduct such in-depth analysis to make sure that your website is compliant with Google’s policies and provides a meaningful and pleasant experience to your visitors. In this way, your site will be able to rank and compete alongside other top websites and most important, potential clients will be able to consider your services and products as well.

So, what will you get with a full SEO analysis of your site?


Clarification on what needs to be improved.

Clear understanding on what you should NOT do.

Confidence to implement innovative ideas.

Chances to rank higher and reach more customers.

How much does it cost to do an SEO Analysis?

Anywhere between $3,000 and $15,000 only for a mid-range website and this number could easily increase to several thousands of dollars for larger and more complex websites.

The good news is that it can be very affordable to simply run a full SEO check-up of your website and once you understand what it all means, you could even continue on your own (at least with your on-page SEO).

A full report takes some time and dedication to do, and it is one of those investments that are worth the time and money.

The difference between your website not being ranked or seen by potential customers and being seen and converting better is mostly in your hands.

Eventually, there will be other factors in play as well such as strong competitors, but once you are on your game, then is only a matter of dedication and perseverance.

Get your full Website SEO analysis and report today for a discounted and limited price and start taking your business to success.

*The extensive keyword research + competitors analysis is done only once when starting the monthly plan. Don’t hesitate to ask me the details on how this is done and overall how a complete SEO Analysis is performed.

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