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SEO Toolset for a Successful Web Optimization

As a Digital Marketer, having a good SEO Toolset is crucial and thanks to several SEO tools that exist on the market, we can effectively work towards better web optimization.

SEO Toolset
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Below, I collected out of a broad option of tools we have at our disposal on the wide web, the ones I consider the most useful and those I use daily.

Please bear in mind that you may find better SEO tools that could work better for you personally and that’s totally ok.

On a final note, and as a disclosure, some of the links on this site are ‘affiliate links’. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item or service, I will receive an affiliate commission that has absolutely no influence or any extra cost for you, meaning that the service or product remains at the same cost for you as it is advertised for everyone else everywhere.

As a disclaimer from my end, I only affiliate with products and services that I use and can confidently recommend, and I would not recommend something that I don’t know enough and/or wouldn’t believe is useful to us for our good SEO efforts. Having said that, I’m not responsible nor I’m in control of any external website and I am only giving an honest opinion, however, I will not be liable for any damage of any kind that could come from one of these third-party websites.

Also, please note that the first two tools I’m recommending on this page are ‘technically’ not SEO tools but we need them for creating a website and hosting it so we can optimize it later. If you’re part of the SEO Course/Bootcamp, then all these tools we will use for the same purpose which is building our amazing website and fully optimizing it.

Ok, let’s get to it! Find below my favourite SEO & Web Tools!

SEO Toolset for your ongoing SEO efforts and marketing campaigns | Find out what SEO tools you should put an eye on and why | Marketer Tools

(FREE Simple Keyword Research Tool)


One of the most needed tools in SEO and Marketing in general is a keyword research tool. Usually, marketing platforms offering keyword research tools are costly but not this one! Marketer-X is proud to introduce an effective and totally FREE Simple Keyword Research Tool! Hope you find it useful!

(Web Hosting)

Hostinger Hostinger is my favourite web hosting service provider for its friendly user interface, great customer support and options for cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting. It also offers competitive prices compared to other hosting service providers.

Hostinger became pretty competitive when including all plans they offer an SSL certificate plus many other user friendly options. Go for Hostinger if you want an easy to manage hosting, inexpensive yet powerful with an excellent performance.

(Web Hosting)

Cloudways is together with Hostinger my best option, probably, my number one option. This is because their panel is super easy to use, have a great and fast live support and the cloud hosting providers are really top-notch providing really fast response and loading time to your website, plus servers can be selected almost anywhere you like according to the region your website serves.

Divi Website Builder (Elegant Themes)

Divi WordPress Theme
Divi is my favourite website builder without a doubt. This is what I use to create websites and landing pages and even though there are other good options out there, I still prefer Divi due to how easy it is to use, manipulate, create, and just implement anything in our websites.

What I like less is the fact that on many occasions, when editing the desktop version, the mobile version doesn’t get updated and I must edit it again, but it’s still a great solution overall plus the lifetime plan for me was a deal-breaker when choosing a pro solution.


PRINTFUL - Dropshipping eCommerce


For those interested in eCommerce, the platform allows anywone to create and upload their own designs, add them to hundreds of high-quality products and have the Printful team take care of all inventory while you focus on your store. All is done efficiently and importing products to your store is done with the click of a button.

W3SCHOOLS - learning Code

An amazing resource for learning and practicing code for free. Whenever you need to verify how to write a piece of code on HTML, CSS, or JavaScript or more, this is the place to do it and it’s absolutely free.


Yoast is probably the most popular plugin for SEO with WordPress. For all website creators with WP out there, Yoas is one of your must-have plugins to check on-page SEO optimization and more.



When adopting an SEO tool and software to get accurate and reliable data, one must choose among several options and in general, they all do what they promise and more, however, they are COSTLY, and it is painful to pay $100 or more each month, especially when you are only getting started.

SE Ranking is my number one option for this since they excel with all their features PLUS their platform is incredibly user-friendly.

To get even better, their prices are significantly lower than their competitors but their performance is as good or maybe even better. I personally use them and enjoy every moment of it.


SEO softwares and tools are expensive. They all cost in the range of $100 US per month on the cheapest levels but not Uber Suggest – This tool is not only good at what it does, but is actually really affordable. I use it every day and I’m very happy with it. The best of it is the life-plan that allows you to do one payment and get rid of ongoing monthly subscriptions.


A really nice tool to check reverse IP and other features. Reverse IP, as we’re going to discuss in the course, is when we want to analyze the IP address of a specific domain.


Hacker Target is the perfect companion of the previous tool to see a full list of websites resting under the same IP. Obviously the website provides with other services related to cyber security but for our course we will focus on the reverse IP feature.

SEO Courses

WP & SEO Bootcamp | SEO Masterclass


A great chrome extension that allows us to discover missing Alt tags, oversize pictures and more. Ideal for a quick eye scan to have an idea of immediate fixes a site should have on the technical SEO aspect.


This Chrome extension is really nice to have a quick web-page audit to have an overview of what’s missing and what’s implemented correctly. Nonetheless it does not replace a proper audit and scan of a website in full.


This software is used for reverse photo tracking and one can see if a specific photo was used or is being used somewhere else across the web.


SEMRUSH is a solid high tech company providing with an advanced software to track anything needed in SEO pretty much. Keyword research is great with them but also technical SEO, backlink profile and more.


Ahref is also a great software that marketers used. They’re especially good with backlink strategy among other SEO tasks. It’s a very popular software in the US and it’s pretty effective.


Just like the previous two options, MOZ is a really powerful SEO software to track keywords, backlinks and other SEO tasks.


The search console from Google is one of the essential tools a web master or marketer must have and work with. From the search console, we will be able to see what pages are indexed, which ones have issues and much more.


With Google Analytics one can track visitors, see which pages are performing better and more.


Auditing a Website & SEO Reporting.


This tool from google will analyze how fast your web-page loads.


This tool from Google will analyze if your web-page is mobile optimized.


This tool from Google will analyze the current trend for the relevant keyword and the trends over time for the same relevant keyword.


This tool effectively informs you about HTTP Status Codes on specific pages, including redirections.


The site gives you numerous questions that the public is searching for on the web. The way it works is, you type a keyword, and the system gives you many questions that you could use for SEO content.


A great tool to scan your website entirely and retrieve a lot of data. The tool it’s free with additional pro features.


A very interesting company that improves loading speed on your website by simply registering your website with their systems. It does it through AI and apparently it really gives surprising results.


SEO Bootcamp

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SEO Masterclass

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