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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility statement
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Marketer-X or “the website”(www.marketer-x.com), registered in Sweden is responsible for the content on this website and sees great importance in providing equal service to all visitors alike and improving the given services to those persons with disabilities. We invest resources in making this website and all digital assets accessible and in order to make all information and services published available to people with disabilities.

The accessibility of the website and all digital assets of Marketer-X are intended to make them more accessible, friendly and convenient to use for populations with special needs, resulting from various motor disabilities, cognitive impairments, myopia, colour blindness, hearing impairments and members of the population of the third age.

The level of accessibility
www.marketer-x.com adapts its website and its products or services to common browsers and mobile phone use and uses tests in Jaws and NVDA screen readers.

The website ensures that its digital assets meet the requirements of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Accessibility Adjustments) Regulations, 2013 (hereinafter: “Regulations”) Compliance with WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508, AODA, EN 301549 and IS.

WCAG 2.1 Guidelines for Internet Content Accessibility

The website operates in accordance with the guidelines of the ICT Authority for accessibility of applications in web browsers:

• Corrections and adjustments made
• The means of navigation on the site are simple and clear.
• The contents of the site are written in a clear, orderly and hierarchical manner. If necessary, there are explanations alongside the content.
• The site is adapted for viewing in modern browsers.
• Adjusting the site to a display that matches a variety of screens and resolutions.
• The content of the site is written in simple and clear language.
• All pages on the site have a fixed structure.
• All images on the site have an alternative textual explanation (alt).
• The site allows you to resize the font by using the Ctrl key and the mouse wheel.
• The site does not use a moving or flashing text display.
It is important to note that despite our efforts to make all pages on the Website and our other digital assets accessible, parts of the website or different sections may have a non-accessible structure that has not been yet discovered.

For your information, services such as import and export systems, and the identification component of a smart card, are temporarily exempt from being accessible due to technological reasons signed by an expert in the field of the Internet and licensed for service accessibility.

We work to improve the accessibility of our digital assets and within them, we regularly perform checks for good performance, as part of our commitment to enable the entire population to use the Website, including people with disabilities.

This Website uses a plugin for accessibility which is meant to have all the needed functions that can provide a well accessible mode to all pages displayed throughout the Website.

Contact us about accessibility
If you encounter a problem regarding accessibility on the Website or in one of our pages, content or features, we will be happy to receive comments and requests, by contacting us directly at [email protected].

In order for us to address the issue in the best possible way, we strongly recommend that you include as full details as possible:

Problem description.
What is the action you are trying to perform?
Link to the page you browsed.
Browser type and version.
Operating system.
Type of assistive technology (if used).
We will do everything within our power to solve the issue as quickly as possible.

More information on accessibility issues:

Equal Rights Commission for Persons with Disabilities

Israel Accessibility – The Association for the Promotion of Accessibility and Independence of the Disabled in Israel.

Internet accessibility – the Israeli Internet Association.

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