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Free Website Checker to understand how your website SEO is doing. This tool is completely free. Check now and start your SEO campaign!

*Full disclousure! Some of the links on this web-page are affiliate links which means that in the case you purchase their product, I get an affiliate commision, however, every single product or service recommended by me or my team is used by us and we truly believe that plays a significant role for improving all of our marketing efforts; like so, we don’t take any responsibility nor we will be liable in any way for any damage that any of our third-party linked websites may cause*

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With the Free Tool below, check your competitors and start analyzing their steps with organic and paid traffic!

Hire a Full-Scale SEO Report Analysis

Once you have done an SEO Audit and checked your overall SEO status (using the website checker free tool), you should consider doing a full-scale SEO report of your entire website. An SEO Report and Analysis includes every aspect of technical SEO plus on-page SEO of the main web-pages from your website. At the same time, it is accompanied by a keyword research which will tell us, the best approach to promote and improve rankings of your website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Website Checker do?

The Website Checker runs an automatic scan of the domain you inserted in the box to give you an overall SEO status of your site such as traffic data, backlink data and more.

Is a Website Checker not enough?

A website checker and or a URL audit are good initiatives to have a basic idea of what should be fixed and improved on a superficial level but in order to start a serious SEO campaign and improve rankings, a deeper analysis must be done.

Can I do my SEO by myself?

Anyone can do anything by themselves. Eventhing is possible to be learned, however, learning requires time and dedication. You can rely on experts to do your SEO and help you and at the same time be learning. We offer an intensive SEO preparation as well and you can read more about it here

Is hiring an SEO agent expensive?

I believe that we get what we pay for and you may find a cheaper person to do your SEO or an expensive agency. Either way, you should be explained what the costs involve. At Marketer-X we try to minimize your costs while giving your the most for your budget, and consultations are always free with us. Learn more with us here.

Should I do SEO instead of  Paid Advertising?

SEO and Paid Advertising are NOT the same, although they go hand by hand. We recommend doing both at the same time.

You can read more about it here

After the Website Checker, what’s next?

Once your have done a general check of your domain and an audit of your most important URL’s, we should fix what needs to be fixed and move on to a full-scale SEO report including a keyword research analysis. If you’d like to learn how to do all this, we recommend enrolling to our SEO courses here.

In the case that you rather have a professional do the full-scale SEO and keyword research for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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