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WordPress Website Building & SEO

Get a Website knowing is set for SEO (Google Search)

WordPress Website Building with an Excellent plan for SEO and Maximum Exposure | Attractive Plans & Prices | Constant guidance & Backup

Your WordPress Website Creation Includes:

Architecture & Design

Planning and designing your new website, including features, referrences, contact forms & even a payment solution implementation.


Your WordPress Website will include all the security measures including but not limited to security plugins, hidden login pages, updates & more.

SEO (Search Engine Exposure)

Your WordPress Website will include all SEO aspects, including Technical SEO, On-Page SEO and the option to implement an ongoing SEO Plan.

Costs involved

How much does a WordPress Website Building Cost?

It depends on the size of the project, however, for most small businesses, portfolio, corporate or blog website the cost of designing and building a tailor-made website with WordPress will cost around €6,000, while building an e-commerce website will cost in the range of €13,000 or more depending on the size of the website and quantity of products.

Bigger projects may surpass well over €50,000 for all included.

Δ Beware of agencies or freelancers that offer building a website only based on their capabilities of constructing but without any knowledge of 1) SECURITY & 2) SEO

A WordPress Website, with all its advantages can turn to disaster if security measures are not properly implemented and/or if technical SEO is not considered.

A WordPress Website that is poorly managed can bring the following problems:

A) Penalties from Google and other Search Engines (very difficult and sometimes impossible to amend).

B) May indicate Google crawlers not to crawl or not to give importance, and thus making your site almost invisible or very difficult to be seen on the internet.

C) May be prone and easier for hackers or malware to enter your website, such as DoS attacks or worse.

When Building your WordPress Website with me you get:

Project Management & Design

Updates & Security Implementation

Technical SEO & SEO Structure

Is WordPress Website Building your Best Option?

A WordPress Website building may be your best option if you are a small to a large business wanting to show a portfolio, a list of services or products to sell.

A WordPress Website is suitable for freelancers and bloggers, but also for those wanting to get into affiliate marketing, news reporting or copywriting business.

However, a WordPress Website may not be suitable for businesses in which they manage sensitive data and/or financial institutions as an example. This is due to the fact that there are other programming platforms (closed-source) and programming languages that may offer better security.

Despite this, WordPress can still offer good security options and your site can be well protected for the most common online dangers and this is usually good enough for most businesses.

WordPress Website Building Rates

Rates Explained

The objective is to give you an end product that satisfies you, and surpasses your expectations, knowing that your investment was well used and implemented.

Quality above all

You can expect to receive a full service of a WordPress Website Building that includes a modern design, security, and technical SEO in it that will allow your site to be indexed and ranked in the search engines.
Your website also will be monitored and managed, and you will be able to dedicate to your business without worrying about all that surrounds your website.

*Prices don’t include VAT/Tax (applies for EU countries only)

**For SEO Management, the starting plan is 599 and one can upgrade to better SEO plans.

For any questions, consult directly with me. I will to help you.

Disclaimer: I’m not a cyber-security expert, and despite all my efforts to improve the security of your website, I cannot guarantee 100% immunity against all malware or professional hackers. Due to this, I cannot and will not be held responsible for any security issues that may or may not arise at any given time.
If the security of your website remains a concern even after implementing all my security measures, I’ll be happy to refer you to an expert in cyber-security to guide you further.
By hiring my services and trusting me with building and/or managing your website, you are agreeing with this disclaimer in its totality.

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