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e Commerce Agent | Full management of your digital business | Hosting management | Web Development | SEO & Marketing

e Commerce Management from Scratch

An e Commerce Agent Behind your Business

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Business Planning

Planning of the needed resources which will include a live Website and/or Online Store and a Marketing Plan before even starting

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Website Creation

A Website creation that is suitable for your business with payment solutions and an online structure including the hosting services

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SEO Management

Every website needs SEO management. Without it, your online store or website may not even show in the search engines

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Advertising Management

Full management of the different advertising channels, including Google Ads and Social Media

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Inventory Management

Control and updates, inventory alerts, giving you the heads up when items are running low on quantity

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Updates and Maintenance

Constant maintains & updates of your digital business such as hosting, domain, software, plugins, etc.

e Commerce Agent

What does an e Commerce Agent do?

An e Commerce Agent will help you these and more:

Creation of a Digital Business from Scratch

SEO Management

Marketing & Advertising

Inventory Control

Constant Updates & Maintenance

e Commerce Agent – Options

When hiring an e commerce agent, you can worry only about selling and logistics or not even that, while the e-commerce agent takes care of all the rest. This means that you’ll have a functional digital business but you’ll be leaving out the difficult tasks to us.

Your Options

Option 1

E Commerce Agent White Label

A white label solution means that you get served with absolutely everything that your digital business needs, from hosting your online store to marketing, inventory control, security, regular updates and even sales.
In this case, your store works as a supplier, and we take care of the marketing budget, item prices and *logistics (sales, deliveries and customer support) while you take care of inventory supplies alone.
This option leaves you worry-free about anything that revolves around a digital business such as SEO, Digital Advertising, sales, deliveries and Regular Maintenance of your Digital Store or Website to name a few.
Under this scenario, you simply pay a monthly fee + a percentage of every sale.

*Logistics can be agreed according to convenience

Option 2

E Commerce Agent – Retainer

On this option, you hire an e commerce agent to take care of your digital business for a retainer fee. Under this option, you purchase your digital store when creating one and you choose your own hosting platform and domain hosting service. You also take care of sales, inventory and marketing budget while the e-commerce agent maintain, updates and perform an ongoing SEO campaign.
The e-commerce agent or agency in this case can also take care and manage your digital advertising campaigns, but you are managing your own advertising budget.

This option lets you fully manage your own digital store while we act as a guide under your supervision.

On this option you pay individually for the creation of your online store, hosting, domain and the monthly retainer for SEO, advertising management and maintenance of your e-commerce site.

*For the E-Commerce White Label option, it can be done after the reviewing of your digital business idea and its approval.

I reserve the right to accept or not your digital business idea under my own sole discretion.

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