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Cancellation and Refund Policy

Marketer-X commits to provide always with optimal service, however, the client has always the right to cancel the provided services at any time.

The service provided may be stopped right away. The client, in this case, would have to simply complete any payment/s due for any service/s that were served until the cancellation date (including the remainder of the initial report).

For cancellations on services for Google Ads Management, the client may cancel at any time and in this case, the client would have to pay for the hours served until the date of termination of services.

For SEO Services, the client may stop services at any given time and then complete payment for the number of days that were served until the date of termination of services.

In this case, we would calculate the amount based on the agreed monthly budget and divided by the number of days of the current month and then multiplied by the number of days that were served until the end of services + the remainder of the initial report if this one was being paid in instalments.

*If the client was paying the initial report in instalments, then to this sum, he/she should add the remainder of that initial report in one payment.

For Lead Generation Services, cancellations can be done at any given moment without any further obligations, however, any leads that were already provided until the last lead campaign stopped receiving leads, must be paid in full.

Note that any running campaigns once paused/stopped may continue to show for a certain time (according to Google, it may take anywhere from 24 and 72 hours until such campaign/s are not showing anymore). This means that if any lead is generated during that period, it must be paid in full as it’s still being charged by Google or other advertising platforms.

For All Digital Marketing Courses, Bootcamps and/or Online Learning Marathons, a 14-day refund policy applies from the moment in which the respective course, seminar, BootCamp or online learning marathon was paid, however, if this one starts before the 14-day refund policy expires, then the beginning of such course, BootCamp or seminar overrides the 14-day refund policy and once a course is started there can be no refund.

* In the event that you feel unsatisfied or feel that the services provided did not meet your expectations, a refund may be made during the first 30 (thirty) days from the moment the service or course was purchased. Please be sure to contact us immediately if you feel that you’re not receiving what you’re supposed to so we can reach a solution in good terms.

For All Services

  • There will be No Refunds on services that were already served
  • If a service is paid in advance the legal policy of 14 days-refund applies

(The Consumer Right to Withdraw; read about it here:

Case sample – European Union right to withdraw

The cancellation notice must be in writing expressing the wish to stop services on a specific date.

The cancellation notice must state the name of the client, the name of the business and the date when they would like to stop services with a signature and date of the signed day.

  • A cancellation form is attached to each invoice.

Download the Cancelation Form Here

Download here the PDF version of the cancellation form in which you should fill out and sign with the date in which you wish to stop services.