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The following TIPS are for you to consider when using the Simple Keyword Research Tool and starting your market and keywords research.


Always search for relevance on your keywords. Sometimes a keyword shows many searches but in fact, the users are searching for somethin totally unralated to your business or your intentions. For example, if you sell apples and you see that the keyword “apple” has many searches, it may be that those searches are related to apple watch or apple devices and does not apply for you. I know, it’s a silly example but you get it right?

Search Volume

Volume is key! If you see that a keyword has 10 or less searches per month, try to find a better keyword. The more volume, always the better.

Competitive Analysis

Volume it’s important but make sure the keyword is not very difficult compared to other options which can be easier to optimize. The best combination is the keyword that has a good volume and a relatively low competition.


Long-tail keywords are great to focus on relevancy. For example, “Apples for apple pie” will always give you better results than just “apple” that can imply apple devices.

Take note that long-tail keywords have less searches, however, if you find long-tail keywords related to your business that have a fair volume of searches, go for them first even when they show less volume than more generic keywords.

Seasonal Trends

Seasonal trends are tricky because volumes tend to increase during its season and decrease during off-season. This is why, you should strongly promote seasonal keywords/trends way ahead of the on-season stage. For example, we recommend starting promoting for Christmas at around August.

Related Keywords

Try to keep an open mind and investigate which keywords can be related to your most important keywords. For example, if you sell apple watches, maybe search for digital watch or sport watch or other closely related alternatives and connect them to the content you want to optimize.

Local Keywords

If you are a local store, then local keywords are very important such as “in New York” if you work in New York or “Near me”. 

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