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Online Courses on SEO for you who are a business owner, manage a website or want to learn a new lucrative career | Join our SEO Training!

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Technical & On-Page SEO Masterclass

Online Courses on SEO that are meant to train you as an SEO professional. For a very limited time, I’m offering a full Live training on Technical SEO & On-Page SEO with the aim to form a closed community and to promote my training classes. Now at a reduced fee. Get in touch!

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Diego-International Digital Marketing

About me

Nice to meet you!

My name is Diego, and I’m a certified Digital Marketer. I achieved my certificate in SEO and Digital Marketing from John Bryce Technological College and I have a BA in Marketing Communications from Reichman University.

I’ve been building and managing WordPress websites since 2018 and I turned to SEO management immediately after achieving my certification back in March of 2021.

Because I come from a Marketing and Sales background, I was able to implement the SEO knowledge that I gained to my daily work as a Sales Manager which I still do.

I’d like to teach others what I know and build a community in which we are able to help each other and grow professionally stronger together.


The SEO masterclass valued at 1,300 and I will aslo allow a limited and selected number of individuals so apply now!


From the Basics to the Finer Details

If you’re considering taking online courses on SEO, this may be your best chance out of all other options that you could possibly find.

This is not your typical tutorial on SEO. This is an opportunity to get acquainted with others like you, and with me to learn SEO at a whole different level, and with a unique touch, developing a community of new qualified professionals as well as a ongoing network of SEO enthusiasts.

In this way, we will be able to help one another in improving your SEO for your websites and/or your client’s.

Buy Once Only

When you buy a course from me, you’ll have access to it FOREVER. No stings attached! View it and review it over and over for as many times as you need for how long you want. Sometimes, we need to get back to things we studied and don’t remember. 

Reduced Fee!

For a VERY limited time with limited places!

I intend to form a closed group of professionals in which we help each other and guide each other and grow together.

No Experience Needed

No experience needed to start. The training will start from the very basics and reach an advance level by the end of it.

SEO Services

Limited Admissions!

Online Courses on SEO

Despite our good efforts to accept everyone, there are limited number of places that I can host and interact with if we want this training to be effective.

For this reason, please be sure when you submit your information and hear from me, to give a brief explanation of who you are, where you’re coming from and how you would expect to put to use the SEO knowledge of this training. It’s ok if you have a personal website that you want to improve or if you would like to start a new career as an SEO manager.

The most important is that you’re open minded and willing to help others as well by mentoring or by answering questions, etc.


Section 1

The structure of a website. How it works and the difference between a multi-page website and a single-page website (landing pages).

Section 2

Understanding basic HTML and CSS

Section 3

Basic concepts in Digital Marketing. Organic Search (SEO) Vs Paid Advertising

Section 4

Introduction to SEO

Section 5

Keyword Research & implementation

(Brief introduction & insights)

*The full class on Keyword Research is given on the paid course only

Section 6

On-Page SEO & Technical SEO

Section 7

Non-Technical SEO

Section 8

Off-Page SEO (Backlink Building)

Section 9

Header & Footer (menus & links)

Section 10

Web-Page Depth

Section 11

Sitemaps and their importance

Section 12

Mobile Optimization and AMP (accelerated mobile pages)

Section 13

Google Search Console and Google Analytics (introduction)

Section 14

How to audit a website and reporting to clients

(Not Available on the Free Seminar)


Honest Reviews

You guys have nothing to lose here and much to gain! but if you’re still in doubt, here are some good reviews of those who already know me 🙂

Aliona Savenko - Brand Manager

Aliona Savenko

Brand Manager

Professional and a good person!

I’ve been working with Diego for more than 8 years and can definitely state it’s the most honest professional in the industry. It’s always difficult to find a partner who you can be both achieving professional goals and be a very reliable person. He perfectly knows what he does and always open for discussions and improvements. Thanks for your hard work and hope we can achieve even more success in the future with upcoming projects 🙂

Marketer-X Favicon


Web Designer/Builder

100% Recommended!

I highly recommend Diego’s services. We worked together a lot, and Diego always made sure to carry out all our projects with success while helping at the same time. Diego can be trusted for any project while having a complete peace of mind.

Liat Epstein

Liat Epstein

Project Manager

Honest, kind hearted & service orientated

For the past two years I have been working with Diego, mainly on SEO, PPC, marketing and sales. In all my two decades of business, I have not met such an honest, kind hearted, service orientated, loyal, and determined colleague and supplier. Diego is professional, client orientated, patient, and has always given me the feeling that he is available 24/7. I really highly recommend Diego and all the services he offers. You will always be in excellent hands with him.

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